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Don’t move – Improve!

An addition is the biggest home remodeling purchase you will ever make.

The tough real estate market makes it difficult for homeowners to upgrade to newer or larger living space. So the best option is to stay where you are, but make it better. Best part of it is that not only it will make your life more enjoyable but it enhances the value of your home. Just look at this cost/value study by Remodeling Magazine that reveals which home improvements add the most resale value after one year:

Project Job Cost $ Resale Value $ Cost recouped %
Attic Bedroom 37859 44100 116%
Basement refinishing 46092 41609 90%
Bathroom Addition 16772 22290 151%
Deck Addition 7427 8350 112%
Major Kitchen Remodel 42536 58600 138%
Master Suite 74720 96820 130%
Minor Kitchen Remodel 17559 24700 141%
Re-roofing 10787 12126 112%
Two Story addition 79356 104580 138%










Advantages of Building an Addition:


High Cost-Value Ratio
Studies show that nearly all of the cost of a mid-range two-story addition may be recovered at time of sale.

Less Expensive than Purchasing New House
While this might seem like a "no-brainer," it needs to be mentioned. It is typically cheaper to build an addition than to buy a new home that equals the space of your existing house plus addition. At the very least, the closing costs involved with selling your old house and buying the new house would push this option over the top.

Addition is 100% Your Creation
You may have an old house, but the addition is space that you can claim as your own. It's like designing a whole new house without the expense of a whole new house. Fire up your design software and go for it!

Smartest Way to Add Space to House
When you objectively look at the various ways to add space to your house, addition-building clearly comes out ahead of other methods, such as basement/attic remodeling or adding a sun porch.


Choose the best project for your needs. Nova 22 Group can help you plan, budget and design the best home improvement project for your needs. Using our skilled craftmanship and quality materials it will give you years of value and enjoyment.

Kitchen – We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and in terms of resale value it’s a key factor . Remodeling it , whether a minor or a major project will add value to your house, but most importantly will enhance any meal. A new kitchen can provide more space, better lighting, more efficient appliances.

Bathroom – Create a welcoming escape by upgrading your bathroom.

Basement – Don’t let valuable basement space go to waste. Create a family room, an exercise room, additional bedroom or home theater.

Sunroom – Bring the great outdoors inside with a spacious, glass enclosed sunroom, The whole family will enjoy the bright space for gathering, playing and enjoying the seasons.



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