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A leaky roof can cause serious problems. Water infiltration into your home and can provoke structural damage, can damage your drywall or your wood walls. If the problem persists then black mold can develop and that leak in the roof can turn into a health liability. Our Wethersfield roofing team will quickly be able to find those leak spots and fix them as soon as possible. 

Despite the fact that roofs will eventually start leaking over time there are a few small steps that you can take on your own in order to keep your roof in good shape or prevent the problems from getting too serious.

Tips for early detection of roof problems:

  • Try to keep the gutters clean of any debris (leafs, dirt) that may prevent proper draining
  • Watch out for loose shingles after big storms, as powerful winds can make them loose
  • Try to inspect your roof after hail storms to see if it wasn't damaged
  • Give special attention to the roof near the chimney, step, apron, pipes and at any points at which two roofs meet
  • If possible climb into the attic and check for any signs of water infiltrations in the attic. It there is water inside the attic it will be only a matter of time before it gets into your house

If you treat those problems soon then they won't have enough time to cause real damage.
Nova22 Wethersfield roofing team will gladly assist you in your roofing project. Whether your building needs a new roof or you want to install skylights and need to make it leak-proof, or you cannot find the leaking area that's bothering you and need someone to find and fix that problem, please feel free to contact Nova22 Roofing company and we will get the job done using the best materials available and offer you a great service value for the lowest possible cost.

In case you want to tackle those problems on your own, please keep in mind that working on a roof can be dangerous!

Roof-repair Safety Tips

  • Roof repairs should be done on a sunny day when the roof is completely dry. A wet roof is slippery and very dangerous.
  • Adequate safety measures must be taken for any roof repairs. Always use safety ropes.
  • On steep roofs, use a ladder framework to provide secure anchoring.
  • Rubber-soled shoes provide the best traction when working on a roof.
  • The location of power lines should be kept in mind when working on a roof.­

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